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To all my friends,

Thank you for your love, calls, messages & support. Please know that the loss of my campaign is disappointing – but we are OK.

Mike & I are excited about the new chapter in our lives with a bit more time for each other & the family. Truly, I feel like a bird let out of a cage because the political hostility has gotten so bad. I chose to run a clean campaign on facts & issues. Ameritex

My opponent chose deception, half truths & whole lies. But, negative seems to win – it just isn’t my way of doing business. The real winners are the grandchildren getting more time, the kids getting more time & Mike & I having more time for romantic trips.

We are so blessed in being able to serve the folks in Dist. 150 for 14 years. Thank you friends for giving me that opportunity. I truly love the folks in Dist 150 and will continue to serve my neighbors in anyway possible.

May God bless you greatly – & don’t worry – we are doing just fine.

Blessings to you,
Debbie Riddle