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Debbie Riddle | Texas House of Representatives, District 150


Legislative Highlights:

House Bill 416 (author)

HB 416 that required training for abortion facilities staff and volunteers to identify human trafficking victims. HHSC will work with the Statewide Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force to develop the training. The new law could potentially save two lives.

House Bill 8 (author): Jessica’s Law.

In the entire history of Texas, there has never been a tougher law for sexual predators. The bill made pedophiles eligible for the death penalty and established a 25-year minimum sentence for the most heinous sexual offenses against children.

House Bill 1034 (author): “Under God”

Added the words “Under God” to the pledge of allegiance to the Texas state flag, aligning our pledge with our national pledge and preserving our founding father’s values.

House Bill 103 (author): Castle Doctrine

The Castle Doctrine guarantees your Second Amendment right to defend your property and your family in the face of danger.

House Bill 5 (co-author): Tax Relief for Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens who had seen their taxes frozen previous to the property tax cuts granted in 2007 were given the same proportional property tax relief.

House Joint Resolution 6 (co-author): The Defense of Marriage Act

This historical constitutional amendment stated clearly that in Texas, marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman.