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Debbie Riddle | Texas House of Representatives, District 150


Illegal Immigration

Every year, illegal immigration costs the state billions in your hard earned tax dollars by providing services to those who have no right to be in our country in the first place. We must stop all public benefits to illegal immigrants, punish employers who hire them, and allow our local law enforcement officials to expedite the process of arresting and deporting them to their country of origin.

Appraisal Caps

Citizens are being taxed out of their homes, not by the tax rate alone, but by the never ending and radical increase in the appraised value of their homes. We must continue to fight to allow counties to set an appraisal cap as low as three percent to protect families from losing the American Dream.

Margins Tax

The ugly and unfair Margins Tax that went into effect in 2008 is already doing irreparable harm to small businesses in Texas and is threatening the state’s economic stability. We must repeal the tax immediately, return to a broad-based franchise tax, and replace the difference in state income by eliminating wasteful government spending.

Voter Id and Proof of Citizenship

The sovereign right to vote that you and I are guaranteed as citizens of this nation is our most precious freedom, second only to our freedom of religion. This right must be protected through the use of photo identification at the voting place and a requirement that each voter prove upon registration that they are a citizen of the United States.

Government Spending

If over the last 20 years Texas had limited the growth in state spending to meet the needs created by the increase in population and the rate of inflation, we would have saved more than $300 billion dollars. We must limit the rate of state spending to meet this standard, and implement the same kind of fiscal responsibility at the state level that you and I must implement in our own household budgets.

Sharia Law In Texas

I vehemently oppose Sharia law in Texas. I wholeheartedly agree that no foreign law should supersede Texas law, Federal law, or our Constitution. The fact is that because of our U.S. Constitution, no other law can supersede our Federal and State laws.

I have made a commitment to work with my colleagues to have an outstanding anti-Sharia law bill that will hold up to a court challenge — not one that would allow foreign law to displace Texas law. I know you will be pleased with this final product.

In the past, bills regarding this issue (if passed) would have been wide open to interpretation, challenged in court, and would have completely defeated our purpose — ultimately allowing a cracked window of opportunity for pro-Sharia law advocates. Texas judges (both Republican and Democrat) and the Texas Bar Association have called and written to express their agreement with me. We agree that more thought and consideration is needed on any measure concerning this issue so that it will be upheld in court because we do not want to find ourselves standing in a pool of defeat.

Those who are using this as a political issue to come against me and others are being nothing more than deceitful, deceptive, and self-serving. This is not the time for Republicans to try to destroy each other — we need to unite and take back our country.

My husband and I are well known for being strong supporters of Israel. We have visited Israel 10 times and we serve on several boards of various Israel-based organizations. Mike and I have been Sunday school teachers at Champion Forest Baptist Church — our integrity regarding our faith is solid.

For anyone to claim that we would be in favor of Sharia law is absurd and clearly a lie.  Anyone making this claim should be called into question regarding their integrity, veracity, and knowledge of the issue, which I plan to do on the campaign trail.