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Debbie Riddle | Texas House of Representatives, District 150

January 10th Legislative Update

Legislative Update 6 – Today we were on the floor of the House for a short time – we are still working on the House Rules. We will vote on the rules on Monday. It seems that we always get a slow start because of all the “housekeeping” things we must do prior to starting the business of passing legislation – and in fact we do get a slow start. But, it is necessary in order to get these foundational things done so we can have a successful session and make things run as smoothly as possible. However, this is part of the reason we must work 18 to 20 hour days later on in the Session. As I am writing this post I am in my office working on our legislation and preparing for tomorrow. On Friday my staff and I will be taken to the Texas border to see the areas of concern and what is happening with our border security. I do not think I will get back in time to post what we saw but I will make that report on Monday. Have a wonderful Friday and a blessed weekend.

Posted in Legislative News on January 10, 2013.