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Debbie Riddle | Texas House of Representatives, District 150

Low-Income Housing Update

Once again, Chairman Riddle has fought hard in leading the battle to ensure your voices are heard with respect to low-income, multi-family housing projects that attempt to come into our area.

The Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations voted on a version of HB 3361 which lacked the critical language giving legislators the opportunity to write letters voicing their support of or opposition to low-income apartment housing developments in their districts. The bill went to the Senate Floor for debate, and in an effort to put the voices of State Representatives back into the bill, Senator Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood) offered a Floor amendment to HB 3361 which would give back the ability to write support/opposition letters. Although the Senate finally passed HB 3361, Senator Taylor received no support from his colleagues and the amendment was unsuccessful. Please take a moment to send Senator Taylor an email or note expressing your appreciation for his hard work and courage.

Currently, the Senate version of HB 3361 does not allow for State Representatives to voice their concerns via written letters regarding low-income housing developments. On the other hand, the House version does allow for the letters. Thus, the next step in the legislative process is most likely a Conference Committee, where the differences in the House and Senate versions of HB 3361 are worked out. Chairman Riddle will fight to put the voices of State Representatives back in the bill so they can speak up for their communities.

With regard to Kiron at Spring permit #13077, there will be a TDHCA Board meeting on June 13, 2013 at which staff will present a list of eligible applicants to the Board. The final funding decision will be made during the July 25th Board meeting. Any public comment received prior to June 14th will be noted in information provided to the Board at the July 25th meeting. Letters may be sent to Cameron Dorsey: The Board Book for any given meeting must be posted a week prior to the meeting.

Posted in Legislative News on May 20, 2013.